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English Learning Center for Seafarer

In creating quality seafarers, PT Tivas Marin Servis with our group, namely; PT Bina Bangsa Cerdas Ploes present a various type of 8 weeks intensive professional English course for seafarers in our learning center intended to improve the ability of speaking, listening, reading and writing in the field of Maritime based on IMO standard with a professional teacher and 15 classroom; include 4 computer lab.

The Course Consist of:

1. Professional Maritime English for Seafarer

Level Description
Beginner Who have little or no previous  experience in maritime English.
Pre-Intermediate Can understand and communicate simply  in  the familiar situation while onboard
Intermediate Can used basic tense reasonably and  speakwell, but have a problem with more complex vocabulary and grammar within maritime contexts.
Advanced Can speak and understand maritime  English completely and fluently

Note: Determining the level based on score from placement test

2. Preparation Exam for Seafarer

Our intensive preparation course prepares seafarers for getting the best possible result in exam such as preparation for Marlins Test by learning from our highly qualified and experienced teachers. The course includes hands-on exam practice exercises, samples, and exam techniques in listening, grammar, vocabulary, time and number, pronunciation, and reading to get the best result on the principal’s requirement.

3. Conversation Class for Seafarer

Speaking is a must for all the seafarers working globally. It is the important key that those involved in any operational situation able to communicate either via radio or face interaction with their co-workers at site. The course includes how to answer question from the interview, storytelling, including describing an incident and sharing experience as seafarer while on board.

Programme Features

  • A 8 week course, twice a week -> 16 session (24 hours in total) with 16 maximum student per class.
  • A 3 week intensive course, Monday to Friday -> 16 sessions (24 hours in total) with 16 maximum students per class.
  • Private Class: The time is flexible and can be arranged between student and teacher to fit around commitment -> 16 sessions (24 hours in total) with 4 maximum students per class.





English Learning Center | PT Tivas Marin Servis


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