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Crew Management

PT Tivas Marin Servis is a company engaged in providing crewing services for vessel types including Tug/Offshore Vessels, Containers, Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers, LNG Carriers, Barges, and Passenger Ship as a solution for ship owners and managers worldwide. We offer services from recruitment, placement, up to crew management, which work together and helping energy companies, as well as the international maritime industry in order to achieve current and future objectives.

The Crewing Department of PT Tivas Marin Servis has been established on professional resources, competency, and experience in the recruitment of seafarer for various types of boats, including Deck Officers, Engine Officers, Deck Ratings, and Engine Ratings. We can provide a fast and cost-efficient service to the principal in providing experienced seafarers, adept at communicating in English, and we have a responsibility and a commitment to the principal. Therefore, PT Tivas Marin Servis continues to develop staff, seafarers, and crew management in order to established and maintain good relationships with principal on an ongoing basis.

Services Provided to Shipowners

PT Tivas Marin Servis is able to commit to have cooperation based on law in events and activities to prepare seafarers and shipping companies to serve aboard ships owned and sailed by foreign companies – PT Tivas Marin Servis is the right choice for you. PT Tivas Marin Servis will provide a quality service and engage in long-term cooperation. We provide a range of services, including:

  • Recruiting and selecting specialist seafarers trained and certified according to the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW 2010) for all types of vessels, in accordance with the principal’s needs, based on their professional skills. Their English language skills will be tested in interviews; in addition, previous work experience and the references of their previous ship’s company will be reviewed, and a personal assessment carried out.
  • Perform scheduling and reporting of the seafarer.
  • Conduct pre-departure arrangements.
  • Monitor the seafarer while on board.
  • Routine sign-on and sign-off of seafarer.
  • Check the offshore certificate, especially at the demand of offshore companies, in order to train seafarer in safety and escape procedures on-board aircraft.
  • Scheduling of visas for seafarer.
  • Scheduling a flight reservation which has been agreed upon by the principal and seafarer.
  • Implement validation approval and administration of approval or Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) based on the negotiation process that has been agreed in advance.
  • Implement payroll quickly, precisely, and accurately in accordance with the applicable rules.

Services Provided to Seafarers

PT Tivas Marin Servis as one company provides a full agency service that bridging seafarers in Indonesia with shipping companies worldwide; standardisation refers to the practice established under the MLC 2006, with services provided as follows:

  • Provide information, advice, and assistance to seafarers in finding a job that suits the principal’s needs, and the welfare of the seafarers themselves.
  • Provide consulting contracts related to individual principals’ seafarer.
  • Tivas Marin Servis as Marlins Approved Test Centre provide facilities for ISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers, Marlins English for Cruise Ship Staff, and Marlins English for Offshore Workers to determine their English proficiency according to the requirements specified by the principals.
  • Tivas Marin Servis as Marlins Approved Test Centre offer UK MCA Approved STCW assessments to seafarers.
  • Provide Maritime English course for seafarers in order to improve their English proficiency, provided by our group, ‘PT BINA BANGSA CERDAS PLOES’ with a professional teacher.
  • Provide facilities for seafarers to study computer programming in order to improve their professional knowledge, provided by our group, ‘PT BINA BANGSA CERDAS PLOES’.

Ship Delivery

PT Tivas Marin Servis also provides service for seafarer’s delivery of ships from one port to other ports, for Tug/Offshore Vessels, Containers, Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers, LNG Carriers, Barges, and Passenger Ship by our qualified and experienced crews. After the transfer of the ship is complete, we can provide the seafarer ‘on board’ depending on the agreement between the two sides: the seafarer and the principal.


PT Tivas Marin Servis offers professional services in placing quality seafarers in different types of vessels as a solution for the principal in accordance with the levels.

  • Masters/DPO & Chief Engineers for Tug/Offshore Vessels
  • Chief Officers/DPO & 2nd Officers for Tug/Offshore Vessels.
  • Deck Ratings and Engine Ratings.
  • Jack up/Barge Masters.
  • Jack up/Barge Engineers.
  • Deckhands for Jack Up Barge.
  • Officers & Engineers for ASD Tug.
  • Officers & Engineers for Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers and LNG Carriers.
  • Riggers, Welders, and Crane Operators.
  • Electrical Engineers.
  • Mass Mans, Cooks.
  • Crews for delivery vessels.
  • Officers and Engineers for Dredging Projects.
  • Container Crews.

Crew Management | PT Tivas Marin Servis


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