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About Us

PT Tivas Marin Servis is a company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was established in 2017, is engaged in providing crewing services, with the primary goal of developing cooperation and establishing long-term partnerships with clients an prospective principal, i.e. ship owners and ship managers throughout the world. PT Tivas Marin Servis works together with principal in a flexible, efficient, loyal way, offering quality services that are tailored to budgets, and provides a 24 hour service, indefinitely.

PT Tivas Marin Servis is committed to achieving principal satisfaction through the hard work of the company, supported by our Human Resources, by our collecting officers and ratings trained according to the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW 2010) that was recently on the International Maritime Organisation list, and has been recognised by maritime authorities around the world.

Noting the level of human resources needs, both the maritime industry and other sectors are essential to address these challenges, that PT Tivas Marin Servis always delivers the best service so that users can experience benefits and profits are maximised.

Through the ‘Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran Jakarta’, Indonesia has a long history of maritime education, recognising a duty to educate qualified human capital by creating Officer Sailing professionals that are qualified based on international standards under the Ministry of Transportation in the Republic of Indonesia.


Our vision is to become a company that is constantly growing, has sustainable success and a proven track record of providing quality seafarers services to principal around the world.


  1. To carry out recruitment and management of quality seafarers that best fits principal needs, adhering to international standards and procedures.
  2. Providing services in accordance with deadlines specified by the principal.
  3. Monitoring the company’s vessels to determine the status of the pool of companies, either on board or on land.
  4. Nurture qualified employees with an emphasis on environmental aspects that support the performance of each individual.
  5. Improve the quality of seafarers by developing human resources facilities in accordance with principal needs, and strive to be the best.

About Us | PT Tivas Marin Servis


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PT Tivas Marin Servis

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